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As the patron saint and national apostle of Ireland, St Patrick is most definitely in need of a celebration or two. And the Irish certainly know how to throw a party…

With spring so wonderfully beginning to shine through in all its glory, March 17th sees the Irish community come together globally in this great man’s honour. In our very own Dublin, a 4-day unfurling of festivities commences, with Parnell Square hosting the start of the annual parade through the city centre. Having originated as a festival of celebration in Ireland, word quickly spread as people began to travel. Now the world over hosts parties and tributes for this festivity-filled tradition, just as we do too.


Celebrating all that is Irish... Dublin Bay, Ireland.


While there are many who simply think of a leaping leprechaun when it comes to this bonny day, the lesser known creature far more associated with St Patrick is the rather slimier snake. Indeed, there are many who see St Patrick as the conqueror of snakes, as legend holds he rid Ireland of every snake that existed in the land. This may only be a metaphor for evil, seeing as it is pretty unlikely there were ever snakes anywhere Ireland, but the remarkable standing of this man is something that should not go amiss. Not only this, but the shamrock was believed to be his tool of explaining the Holy Trinity – and to this day it is worn on many a lapel of proud Irishmen and women as they parade.



We've gone green in the Rathbornes offices... 


Adorned in green (and a lot of it!), the union of people worldwide marks the longstanding legacy of joy and community that makes Ireland such a truly wonderful place. Having been around since 1488 ourselves, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for some good ‘ol craic and raise a glass to the great man…

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