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Autumn Essentials - A key guide to our Autumn fragrances.
It’s that time of year, the nights are closing in and there’s a briskness about the mornings.  Autumn is here once again bringing with it fresh woody scents, crisp air and colourful surroundings but also the want to wrap up under a blanket until Spring arrives.
But how can you avoid the chill which so often is the precursor to the Winter blues?
At Rathbornes we have created we have created the perfect luxury candle to banish the chill and invigorate your home with a subtle Autumnal touch.  
Birch tar, fir, oak and balsam blend together to create a woody base, emulating the scent of a fire crackling in a library.  Black amber to bring a rich luxurious depth to the experience.  Finished with bitter orange to give warm citrusy lift which will envelope your room in a comforting glow.  Citrus has been shown to reduce stress and nothing can be more relaxing than watching a gentle candle flame flickering in a low lit room whilst rain gently drizzles outside.

Our Bitter Orange, Birch Tar and Balsam candle comes in a range of sizes - Travel, Classic and Luxury - to perfectly match any space at your home.  Our special beeswax blended with premium essential oils is hand poured into a subtle yet stylish glass in Dublin using traditional methods to create the perfect item to showcase in your home.

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