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In the build up to Christmas there always seems to be a never-ending list of things to plan, sort and buy, which makes for it to pass in a bit of a festive flurry. We've been thinking about that partridge who sits so calmly in his pear tree, and have taken inspiration to make a countdown of all things Christmassy that can be enjoyed with Rathbornes. With aromatherapy and therapeutic scents seamlessly blended, our Beyond the Pale Collection will help with this manic time of the year by wafting wonderfully warming flickers of light anywhere that they too might perch.




No. 5 – Now, while we would all love five gold rings from Father Christmas there are only a lucky few who might get such a glitzy gift. Rather, with five centuries of experience in the candle industry Rathbornes will offer quality over quantity. While it might be a captivatingly cleansing Cedar, Clove and Ambergris ambience to unwind after a day of decorating, or a fresh burst of Dublin Tea, Rose Oud and Patchouli to bring in the festive cheer, our experience in all things candle is highlighted by the brilliant selection of scents. 


No. 4 – Four calling birds is certainly a bit of a safety risk around a candlelit room, particularly when our Beyond the Pale Range burn for up to four(ty!) hours. As the long nights of wrapping up presents take you into the late evenings, or you are simply sitting back and watching the endlessly merry movies on TV, the gentle glow of a Rosemary, Fougere and Camphor candle will help set the tone.




No. 3 – With three sizes of candles in the collection, you can just about take them anywhere. From travelling to the in laws on Christmas day, or sitting classicly in the study while thank you letters are wrriten, as well as being the luxurious centrepiece of the room as carols are sung, the single to multiple wicks will have you utterly entranced (and certainly not pondering about french hens)


No. 2 – With two sleeps to go until the big day, and last minute presents still needing to be bought, look no further than our Charles Farris store in Battersea. Our collection proudly stands in its own boutique corner of this traditional candle factory, and are just waiting to be snapped up as the perfect present for those a little behind schedule...


 No. 1 – As the oldest candle company in the world (and even older than America), Rathbornes was the first in the business, so definitely knows a thing or two about candles. As the days draw ever nearer to the yuletide festivities, it only seems apt to let the light flicker and bring in Christmas day with a gently aromatic and soothing sense of peace.





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