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It has to be said, January just isn’t a month that gives us a lot. The festive cheer has been closeted away with the last of the baubles, and as for the mince pies – well, they’re certainly no longer on most people’s menus. However, here at Rathbornes we’re most definitely not going to get down in the dumps about it. It’s a New Year and that calls for new and exciting prospects! Around this time of year many people start planning where they’ll jet off to in the eternal hunt for some winter sun, or simply a break away from the miserably chilly and drizzly British weather. So we began thinking about all things travel, and with our very own ‘travel range’ in the Beyond the Pale Collection, we’ve taken a moment to share our favourite scented candle travel destinations for 2016…

The Bath:

Now, a bath might seem like one of the best home-comforts around, but imagine yourself lying in a tub gazing out across a gin-clear Mediterranean sea and no doubt the thought appeals rather more. After a long day soaking in the rays from a luxuriously soft sun lounger, or trekking over mountainous terrain in the depths of a jungle, sliding into a bath back at the villa will end the day in utter bubbly bliss. That is, as long as there is the wonderfully wafting fragrance of a Rathbornes 1488 candle flickering gently in the corner of the bathroom while your eyes drift shut and the peace away from January blues takes hold.




The Spa:

The actual process of getting to your sun-soaked holiday destination can no doubt become a stressful process, particularly with screaming children or stroppy teenagers in tow. Which is why, upon arrival at the hotel, most people are drawn to the tranquility that the spa brings about. With your one wick wonder unpacked, a therapeutic massage with a hint of the Irish countryside accompanying it will rid any worries that came along with the rest of the baggage. 




The Reading Corner:

Packing a good book is high up there on our agenda of ‘things to do’ while organising the suitcase line up. And why not, at the same time, sneak in a Wild Mint travel candle to keep your Jilly Cooper or Dan Brown novel company. The refreshing blend of summer hues will have you focused on your gripping read, while giving your nostrils a delightful dash of Ireland as well. So whether it’s lying in bed, or sitting on the balcony, your travel candle will find itself endlessly alluring.




The Host:

There will be many of you for whom a holiday means taking over a family friends’ or parents’ holiday home in all number of gloriously global locations. With this in mind, the gift giving process becomes pretty important, and that’s where we can come in really rather handy. The perfect sized pressie for popping into the hand luggage, or even a luxury size for those with a little extra weight allowance, the Beyond the Pale Collection can be taken just about anywhere. And we’re sure it won’t disappoint…



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