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We craft each detail of our candles to give a truly luxurious experience. We use smooth beeswax and complex, essential oil blends which release an intoxicating fragrance. Recieving a Rathbornes candle is an indulgent experience.



Rathbornes was founded in Dublin in 1488. Five centuries later our candles are still being made there. Hand-poured by generations of Ireland's finest candlemakers: they are an example of true Irish craftsmanship.



It has taken eighteen months for our master blenders to create and develop our fragrances drawing on six centuries of manufacturing skills to create the ultimate in luxury candles. We believe that beautiful things can't be rushed. We invest our time to make our candles the best that they can be.



'Beyond the Pale' is a beautiful Dublin saying which refers to the wild countryside beyond the safety of the city fence or “Pale”. The romance of the Irish countryside still catches our imagination today, and for the Beyond the Pale Collection we wanted to capture these fragrances. Blossoming roses, herbal mint and thyme and the bark of oak and cedar trees all mingle to create a balanced collection, to which our master blenders have given a luxuriously modern edge.

We have travelled throughout Ireland, to gather inspiration and have developed these complex fragrance blends for over eighteen months. Incorporating essential oils we have harnessed these natural elements into balanced fragrances which we have added to our signature beeswax blend to ensure a slow burn.

Our candles are still hand-poured in Dublin today, by our expert team. Hundreds of hours have been devoted to blending, pouring and testing, and for each size of candle the best balance of wax and fragrance distribution combined with the optimum thickness of different wicks have been selected to ensure a superior quality burn.


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