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  • Cedar, Cloves & Ambergris Scented Reed Diffuser
  • Cedar, Cloves & Ambergris Scented Reed Diffuser

Rathbornes / Beyond The Pale

Cedar, Cloves & Ambergris Scented Reed Diffuser




The warmth of cloves is synonymous with luxury and comfort, senses captured by bowls of rich spices and tangy orange zest.

The luxurious top note of cloves is given depth by warm rosewood and a hint of orange zest and eucalyptus, resting on rich base notes of cinnamon and black amber, a scent to transport you.

Product Information

Details: Lasts for up to 16 weeks, 200ml. 


For centuries cloves were regarded as a precious commodity, and gave depth to food from the wealthiest kitchens in Ireland. Today cloves are added to hot whiskey, believed to produce a restorative tonic against colds.


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